Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Faves

Finding the simple pleasures in life can be a challenge at times.  As much as I'd love to admit that my life is all champagne and roses, it's just not!  So this weeks Friday Faves post was a bit of a challenge for me.  But I did my best and am proud that I still found things to make me smile during a trying week.

As for the weekend, I am looking forward to volunteering at California Winemasters on Saturday evening and dinner and cocktails with friends tonight plus our book club meeting on Sunday afternoon.  Next weekend I am off to Florida, so there might be some shopping and planning for the trip ahead, yay for vacay!

Strawberries from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Finally getting around to reading this book

Splitting one of the best cheeseburger's I have ever had with a friend

Venti coffee - which was much needed on Thursday morning

Attending a weight watchers meeting


  1. That cheeseburger looks delicious!

  2. I'm with cake couture... that cheeseburger is the bomb!! I ventured out and bought blue, rasp, black & strawberries the other day as I was a bit down with my medical 'crap' and all. I felt so much better when I ate them up. Sat outside while the 6 four legged kids played and just ate my fruit. I was as right as rain after that.

    Hugs... love your new post.

  3. Oh Mags, "The Help" is SO good, I can't bring myself to watch the movie! Hope you love it. I couldn't put it down! Hope you had an amazing weekend!

    1. Thanks and yes really getting into the book about half way done! I am looking forward to taking it on vacation with me this weekend and finishing it up! xoxo